Slide, with 170 million unique vistoris per month, making it the world’s seventh biggest online destination, is not a Web site at all, but a network of third party applications, known as widgets.  These widgets sit on social networks and are shared among members.

Its application FunWall is the number one active application on Facebook, Slide’s Jared Fliesler told me in this interview at Digital Hollywood last week.  FunWall sends some 4 million video streams on a daily basis, he said. 

"Throwing" Two Million Pregnancy "Tests!"

, another piece of the Slide network, has been used by some creative marketing folks in Hollywood.  Some 5-6 million "pokes" are "thrown" on a daily basis.  For the promotion of the DVD for the film Juno, which depicts teenage pregnancy, a pregnancy test was created, as a joke of natch. To date, some 2 million of the test have been "thrown," Jared told the purple network.  (These "pokes" are not videos.)

For more about Slide, check out this Q&A with Max Levchin, CEO interviewed by VentureBeat’s Eric Eldon.

— Andy Plesser