Here in Las Vegas, there is great deal of interest in creating and delivering HD video content to the home.  The world’s biggest content delivery network (CDN) which delivers video files around the world is Cambridge-based Akamai.

They had a big presence at the show and brought out the big guns, including founder and CEO Paul Sagan.

I sat down with Rich Kennelly to talk about HD usage in the U.S., a country with limited bandwidth.  He told me that "real adoption of HD" is happening.  He says it’s being driven largely by fiber to the home via Verizon’s FIOS service. 

He says that while HD delivery will take time in the U.S., it is broadly implemented in many nations with better connectivity.

Akamai just released a study on the interest of broadcasters in distributing via HD.  Here’s the take by the Wall Street Journal.

— Andy Plesser