That ubiquitous YouTube watermark on the lower right hand side of the embeded players seen on millions of blogs and Web sites is gone.  This development was spotted and reported by the eagle-eyed Liz Gannes, editor of NewTeeVee.

I’ve been checking around and Liz is right.

We don’t know if the watermark is history or if there is a blip in the sytem and it will pop back.  But as a publisher with an active YouTube channel, I think it’s great that the watermark is gone so the branding on the clip can reflect the content creator.  Very cool.

The watermark was never on clips watched on YouTube, just sites that played YouTube clips.

To demonstrate this, I’ve posted a recent clip from the Associated Press’ new YouTube channel.

Update 3/14:  Just got word from YouTube on this: A spokesperson  just told me:  "From time to time we experiment with different design styles to gauge our community’s response."

I hope that the community speaks up and embraces this along with the higher quality streams which was announced earlier today.

— Andy Plesser