CNN, long an innovator in utilizing new technology to record and transmit video reports from remote and dangerous locations, made news gathering history last night when it used Skype to get a live transmission of CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin who was in Hawaii with no access to a satellite upload location.

Toobin was a classmate of Elliot Spitzer at Harvard Law School, so his reaction to the scandal was much in demand by his producers at CNN.  A screen shot provided by CNN is below.  TVNewser has more on this story.

Earlier today I interviewed Jon Klein, president of CNN USA about technology innovation and the first use of Skype Video Chats.

Klein also spoke about the considerable ratings climb his network has been enjoying recently.

Klein was a panelist at the McGraw Hill Media Summit in Manhattan.  Beet.TV will have some more reports from the conference.

— Andy Plesser