debuted today featuring programming from Robert Scoble.   The Flash video player being used is from a small New York start-up, Twistage

Twistage will soon implement a podcast of the videos. 

The company provides a "white label" solution to video publishers, meaning the company provides the tools to create and manage video publishing and distribution.  Twistage doesn’t sell ads, it is a Web services company that is paid by downloads.

It’s similar in ways to Maven, Brightcove and the Platform. Seems like it’s easier to use, less costly — but has less functionality then its heavily funded competitors. 

Twistage has raised $750,000 and has seven employees.

For medium sized publishers looking for an easy solution and control over branding, this could be a good option. Publishers have the choice of several skins and can customize them.  I really love this pink-skinned player for the wildly successful Perez Hilton video blog.

Twistage co-founder and CEO David Wadler stopped by the office to give an overview of his company’s service and its implementation on

Congratulations Robert, Rocky and the team at Fast Company on today’s launch.  Below is Robert’s interview with MySpace CEO Chris DeWolfe. Great piece!

— Andy Plesser