Dan Farber at ZDNet is reporting that Flickr, the hugely successful photo sharing site that is part of Yahoo! will soon launch with video contributions.  Here’s what Dan writes:

"In this unstable atmosphere, Yahoo is getting ready to take on Google’s strongest property outside of search–YouTube–with a video version of Flickr.
Yahoo is talking yet, but the word is that Flickr Video is coming soon.
Define soon? Hedging bets, probably in the next few months."

There is no formal word yet on "Flickr Video," as Dan calls it, and surely the acquisition bid from Microsoft puts everything in doubt.

Co-founder Stewart Butterfield explains in this August ’06 Beet interview that the real power of Flickr is not the photos, but its community-building utility.

You can grab this interview with Stewart right here.

— Andy Plesser