, the online community of entrepreneurs who upload video pitches for venture capitalists to watch, founded by former Marketwatch columnist Bambi Francisco, has secured a second seed round of just over $1 million, sources tell Beet.TV

Early investors Peter Thiel has doubled his stake and Richard Rosenblatt, Georges Harik are in the
round.  New investors, who were unknown to management, invested by visiting the
site and responding the  business proposition.  This is cool:  fund yourself through your own site!

The company announced its first seed round back in June. Matt Marshall at VentureBeat covered the initial funding and put it at around $1 million. 

Bambi declined to comment on the new round.

If you haven’t visited the site in a while, you should. There is quite a lot of well organized content.  Hundreds of pitches, it seems to me.

John Shinal, a veteran tech reporter and editor from the San Francisco Chronicle, Business Week and Markewatch, is the managing editor at  I caught up with him at the AlwaysOn conference in New York earlier this week. (Here’s the video file.)

And…..he caught up with me too, with his video camera — and my interview is up on Vator.  Well, no big funding offers yet for Beet.TV, but you never know who might be watching!

— Andy Plesser