As publishers large and small look to monetize online video content, one emerging model is sponsorship, a format in which a brand gets to be associated with a show, usually with an introductory  mention and/or graphic.

This form of advertising harkens back to the early days of TV when sponsors, like Lucky Strike or Geritol, had exclusivity and enjoyed pre-show introductions.  This is the approach of a number of online video companies including Revision3, producer of Diggnation.   Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback filled us in recently on his approach. 

With news of Robert Scoble landing at Mansueto Venture’s Fast Company to head up a new online television network, I asked Ed Sussman, his boss, how the new show will be monetized.  He said it would be PBS-like, meaning a discreet introduction. He is not planning to use pre or post roll advertising at this time. He added that sponsors would be provided with other values such as event participation.

Ed also provides an explanation of the value of video the Fast Company site.

— Andy Plesser