Uber video blogger Robert Scoble is  making video blogging  history in Davos at the World Economic Forum right now.  With a Nokia 95, a WiFi connection and a QIK account, he is streaming an extraordinary number of interviews.  Sure, the quality is not great, but the access to so many leaders is extraordinary.  It also helps that there are very few "handlers" for the VIP’s so Robert can rule the roost.  Surely there has never been access like this to world leaders done in this informal, unscripted way.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington just wrote,

"The access that the conference is giving us is incredible."

In this clip, Robert streams Bono’s taping of his segment for the YouTube Davos channel. Way to go, Robert. Wish I were there. But, in a way, we all are now.

— Andy Plesser