As the video functionality of mobile phones increase, so will the numbers of uploaders to various sites including YouTube, VideoEgg and Blip.TV which take video uploads directly via mobile devices.  Other video sharing sites, just for mobile video sharing sites like Veeker and Kyte will certainly grow.

Check out this informative round-up story published on the (no subscription required) about creating video programming from mobile phones.

Robert Scoble does some great interviews done with his Nokia N95, without an external mic.  Pretty impressive. Here’s his interview with Andrew Baron done while driving!  (Beet.TV had a senior Nokia exec on the show claiming that Nokia is the world’s biggest camera company.)

I was in San Francisco recently to chat with CNET’s senior editor Kent German on what new phones are providing functionality for shooting and editing video.   You can grab my interview with Kent right here.

— Andy Plesser