In the "battle" of technology news aggregators Techmeme vs. Blogrunner, little Techmeme has the juice: it is the "water cooler" of the blogosphere, wrote power blogger Michael Arrington last month when Blogrunner was integrated into the Technology page.

While Techmeme grows in influence, Blogrunner has just added a powerful new component which could be a big benefit to bloggers.

Beyond the the organization of dynamic and constantly changing stories in the blogosphere, Blogrunner sorts and places relevant blog posts (from outside sources) at the bottom of the article page.  What’s cool here is that the blog post remains live on the articles page.  It doesn’t disappear with the news cycle.  This functionality was introduced this week.

For example, here’s Monday’s Times story about Nokia.  Bloggrunner served up blog posts from Moconews, Beet.TV, CrunchGear and Epicenter.  The links are still up an will remain, I am told.

Watching the logs of Beet.TV, I can see traffic from blog posts residing on articles pages. Since access to the archives is substantial form of traffic at The Times, this "long tail" visibility for blog posts is pretty awesome.

David and I visited the creator of Blogrunner Philippe Lourier earlier today at The New York Times.  Lourier’s company was purchased by The Times last year. 

— Andy Plesser