Andrew Baron, the visionary creator of Rocketboom, says that publishers who are solely focused on inserting advertising into Flash video files will reach only a fraction of their viewers as large numbers will watch on downloaded files, which are not Flash.

Andrew says just a small percentage of Rocketboom viewers watch the show in Flash.  To get advertising into downloadable video,  he is manually "baking" advertising into files.  This is one solution, but an automated way to insert ads into downloadable media seems like a more manageable approach.

We reported earlier this week about Podaddies as one of the emerging companies to manage ad insertion into downloadable media.   Podaddies has started to integrate its system with and Guba.

Considering big trends in online advertising fro 2008, getting ads into downloaded videos is going to be big.  For other predictions for the sector, check out this post on NewTeeVee.

Grab this video of my interview with Andrew.

—  Andy Plesser