YouTube, which recently introduced overlay advertising on the video clips of a limited number of select content publishers, including Ford Models and Beet.TV, is part of the big Adobe ad campaign media buy.

On November 16, Adobe launched its first branding campaign for its Flash software platform called "flash on’ —  Beet.TV reported this exclusively

We’ve been seeing more of the campaign recently.  This morning, we found it on YouTube, on the Beet.TV channel. It is interesting to see brand image advertising on YouTube.  We’ve seen mostly consumer ads for movies and other consumer items. 

The Adobe ads are in rotation, so you might have to make a few visits to catch it, but it’s very cool:  About 20 seconds into the clip, an animated, dynamic overly ad comes into the lower part of the screen as a square banner ad occupies the right side. The in-stream overlay and the banner ad are coordinated.  The overlay ad lasts less than 15 seconds, while the banner ad remains through the visit.

The overlay reappears as a "post roll’ — where the remains on the concluding page.

I’ve pasted a screen shot above from my interview with CNET’s Rafe Needleman.

Below is how the "post roll" appears at the end of the YouTube clip.  See the tiny yellow mark in the timeline — that’s where the overlay appears.


These new overlay ads appear YouTube channels, but do not seem to appear on the embed version on other sites.

Meanwhile, Via Blip.TV

Below is how the Adobe overlay ad looks on Beet.TV’s other publishing platform, Blip.TV  Blip serves these  Adobe ads into each of the 400 clips in the Beet archives.  This overlay is dynamic but not animated. 

— Andy Plesser