Podzinger, the Cambridge-based speech-to-text search technology company, that has been heavily funded with national security money, was renamed EveryZing about 5 months ago.

The company has been a leader in indexing podcasts and making them searchable.  Over the past several months, the company has focused on searching and indexing video.  Its business model is primarily a "white box" solution, providing search functionality to publishers, broadcasters and other content creators. 

The repositiong looks like a smart strategy as podcast search is in a sad state.  Yahoo! is set to close Yahoo! Podcast next week, reports Charlie Sullivan in Search Engine Land.  Google has said it wont provide search of podcasts for some time.

EveryZing’s roots in national security and its speech to text technology is similar the Blinkx, the London-based video search firm.

Earlier this month I sat down with EveryZing CEO Thomas Wilde.  Thomas has had career in online search and explains how video search must be essentially the same as universal search and the rich text elements of video must be the basis of that search. 

— Andy Plesser