Bloggingheads, that little scrappy scrappy "Crossfire" of  a webcam start-up for political bloggers, has found a home on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.  There will be three video excerpts a week featured on the The New York Times Opinion Page.

Rachel Sklar, that eagle-eyed media columnist at The Huffington Post broke the story yesterday

David Shipley deputy editorial page editor, the guy who runs the Op-Ed page is a big fan.  Here’s what he told Beet.TV in a statement issued this afternoon:

"Bloggingheads is pioneering smart, funny, newsy and incisive online video debate. They were a perfect fit for our online opinion section. We’re thrilled  to be working together."

We were unable to get any information on financial terms. But, safe to say, it’s a great way to drive traffic and awareness to those Bloggingheads — and new content for Times visitors.

What’s really important here is that the simple technology of webcam video is a viable platform for mainstream media.  I expect that video created by both pundits and the general public, in the form of op-eds, letters to the editor and other contributions will become widespread over the next 12 months. 

— Andy Plesser