There’s been a lot of buzz today about news that Vimeo will publish user generated video in Flash, in a 1280 X 720 HD format. This is very cool.

Of course, a huge amount of HD videos from content creators and big and small, from The Washington Post to Beet.TV, are being published in this format already — in iTunes.  Our HD files are rendered and distributed by Blip.TV

Marshall Kirkpatrick over at Read/Write Web has a review of the new Vimeo format.  He says it looks good, but points out that the files are not sharable and only play on the Vimeo page.

But, what is truly high def video on the Web?  Some folks are going start to look to download super high quality of HD-TV and Blu-ray onto their computers.  It’s not gonna happen, at least in this country with our narrow pipes, Forrester’s J.D. Gownder told me.

I was at the world headquarters of Forrester Research in Cambridge a couple weeks ago to interview J.D.  I asked him about the usability of  HD  DVD or Blu-ray via online and he says it’s gonna stay off-line.

Andy Plesser