Timothy Tuttle, who is the founder of Truveo, now a unti of AOL, is one of the pioneers of video search.  He recieved his doctorate at MIT while working in the Artifical Intelligence Lab.

Truveo picked a pretty nice review today in the Wall Street Journal in a column penned by Walt Mossberg’s sidekick Katherine Boehret.  She writes it has the "best interface."

I caught up with Dr. Tim in his San Francisco office earlier this month.  My question was simple:  How do small content creators become more searchable on Truveo.

First thing is setting up RSS Media and XML Feeds is key and Truveo provides free tools for this.  The most fundamental aspect of successful search is accurate and extensive text annotation. 

— Andy Plesser

Blip.TV Gets Rave Review from PC World

Congrats to Mike Hudak, Dina Kaplan and the crew at Blip.TV for grabbing the top spot in PC World’s ranking of the top 200 video sharing sites. We think you guys are great and a terrific partner for Beet.TV  (Here’s photo of the co-founders picking up their "Vloggie" Award last year.)

Grab the embed code, of this interview with Tim hosted by Blip.TV.