Amazing but true, folks are watching advertising on their PC’s as a form of entertainment, according to today’s advertising column by Stuart Elliott.  Stuart’s article is about and the emerging trend of consumer opting to watch ads and branded video on the web.

Viewers will watch commercials for fun and their own benefit, expects Barry Soicher of AdPerk, the new advertising network.  The company provides a platform for magazine publishers to offer subscriptions to opt-in visitors who watch a certain number of clips which are ads and branded content.  The AdPerk system just went up on the Popular Science home page. 

Here’s Popular Science publisher Gregg Hano who explains how AdPerk works — and shows an entertaining clip of a very cool new LG washing machine. 

Here’s the code for my interview with Gregg.

— Andy Plesser

Coming Clean:  AdPerk is a public relations client of Plesser Holland.