Richard Waters in the FT writes about the looming impact of the mortgage crisis on online advertising.  It’s not a pretty picture for online publishers who rely on mortgage companies for a good chunk of their revenue. Louise Story and Vikas Bajaj over at The New York Times writes how online marketers in the real estate space are cleaning up their act.

Well, it’s really bad for homeowners who can’t afford their mortgage and are going to forced to move. 

John H. Vogel Jr is a professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and an expert in real estate.  He has been forecasting a burst in the real estate market for some time.  He expects some 2 million foreclosures in the months ahead.  He explains the causes, implications and lessons to be learned.  Not a pretty picture, but it’s happening.

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— Andy Plesser

Editor’s Note:  In the months ahead, we will expand our coverage of the online video business to include business and economic trends that effect our industry and ourselves. The Tuck School is a client of Plesser Holland. We look forward to interviewing other academics.  We hope you find this expanded editorial scope valuable.  AP