Adobe’s announcement today that it will encode video, not just to the Web video "standard" of Flash, but will also provide encoding to the conventional broadcast standard of H.264, means that video created by small and large content developers will look great on many devices, notably on television sets.  Here’s a report on this by Liz Gannes over at NewTeeVee.  Here’s the take by Adobe "evangelist" Ryan Stewart.

Last week, On2 Technologies, a company that provides video encoding, announced it would provide encoding for H.264.  CEO Bill Joll visited with us last week to explain the importance of encoding to H.264 and the plans for his company to make this part of its encoding software and by embedding chips in set top boxes and mobile devices with the new codec.

Update: Later in the morning, On2 announced that its encoding software will support Adobe’s new H.264 platform.

— Andy Plesser

Grab the code of my interview with Bill Joll.

Coming Clean:  On2 is a former public relations client of Plesser Holland.