Ford Models, NBC Television and Fox have channels on VMIX as do many independent musicians, filmmakers and video uploaders of deferent levels of skill. The site has over 1 million users and is growing. It is interesting to see VMIX as an alternative video sharing site to YouTube.

My colleague David Kavanaugh interviewed David Brown and Terry Ash at the Beet.TV studio last month. The VMIX guys talk about copyright protection for the content owners and other important differentiators for their site.

As far as monetization, you can see that VMIX has very little in the way of banner ads or pre-roll. The site provides some promotions for television programs, but it’s understated. The guys tell us that the business proposition of VMIX is a "whitebox" solution.  They are selling their software platform to companies and institutions seeking a means to present company video and user-generated video. 

Well the VMIX site looks good — the player loads well and the quality of the stream is very good.  Check out the Ford Model channel on VMIX.  As a comparison, check out the wildly popular Ford channel on YouTube — it generally ranks among the top 10 most popular channels. 

I think that John Caplan, president of Ford Models, is smart to create channels for Ford on different sites.  Other Ford channels reside on Revver, Veoh and Ampd. VMIX is surely not as big as YouTube, but it’s important to be on many sites.  Good move John.

Update 5/7:  In light of the legal action brought by NBC against YouTube, could be that the peacock network might spread its wings a bit wider over at VMIX?

— Andy Plesser

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