Question: Who needs a set-top box if your TV is really smart?  I’m starting to wonder about that — particularly in light of today’s news that Akimbo is dropping its hardware altogether.

HP believes that there is a big future in "smart" television that are connected wirelessly and through wires to various devices.  They have one model on the market and will roll out several more this summer.

I spoke with HP’s Jim Sanduski about the future of televisions at the AlwaysOn conference in Hollywood last week.  Jim is VP and General Manager of Digital Solutions.  He joined HP recently from Samsung. 

Today, HP announced some impressive earnings forecasts. It will be interesting to see how these new TV’s add to the bottom line of the world’s leading maker of PC’s.

Update May 9: HP is announcing today new wireless video solutions at conference in Shanghai.

— Andy Plesser

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