Communique from San Bruno: Unidentified YouTube Spokesperson (above) explains Site Updates

Beet.TV reported first on Wednesday that YouTube was set to revise the site later that night. Regretably, we didn’t get our information quite right, but there were indeed a number of updates made to the enormously popular site that night.

Well, YouTube staffers have created a homey little video shot in the San Bruno headquarters which explains the changes.  I’ve placed it above.

It’s kind of unconventional PR, you might say.  The two YouTube staffers who are speak are not idenitified and the clip resides on the YouTube "corporate" channel. Thanks to Pete Cashmore of Mashable for finding this.

There are a number of updates.  To me, the most significant is the ability for users, who create channels, to provide subscriptions of their favorite videos.  So, they can provide syndication of either their videos or their "favorite" videos.  This is particularly important to people who collect but don’t create their own.

This is another important step in organizing clips around the the tastes and interests of community members. This is integral to YouTube’s unique strength.

Andy Plesser