The New York Times maintained impressive traffic in February, according to a report in Editor & Publisher. It remains the most popular U.S. newspaper site.

"The New York Times site (which has some articles behind the TimesSelect pay wall) attracted a unique audience of 12,960,000 users in February, who combined for 455,527,000 page views."

The site continues to grow and has become increasingly multi-media as we have reported on these pages. 

Len Apcar was Editor in Chief of the for over four years and made many important contributions which have lead to the site’s success.   

The clip of Len on this post is from a conference I organized at NYU in September ’05 about media convergence.  Len spoke about how the Times had begun to link to relevant corporate sources within news stories.  This was/is a big development in the way newspapers and public relations work together in online publishing. 

Hosting the panel was Jim Kennedy, AP’s head of strategy with panelists Joan Walsh, Editor in Chief of Salon and Patrick Houston of Yahoo!

I originally posted this clip April 1, 2006, the very first on Beet.TV.  So, we’re celebrating our one year anniversary, and some 300 posts later, with our first clip.   

Last June, Len headed off to Hong Kong, where he heads up editorial operations in the Asia for The Times and the International Herald Tribune. 

Thanks Len and all the extraordinary guests who have been on Beet.TV over the past 12 months.  Well, there’s more to come in the weeks ahead.  Please stay tuned for upcoming interviews with leading executives from Microsoft, BitTorrent, AOL, CNN and many others. 

Andy Plesser

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