Video clips from the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s and MarketWatch can be "blogged" directly from the video player to blogs on TypePad, LiveJournal and Blogger.

This new utility went live today, announced by Brightcove, the company that provides online video services to Dow Jones. 

Sure a number of video sharing sites from Google to VideoEgg have long provided the means to post clips directly to a blog and to MySpace. But as far as I know, this is the first time that a major publisher has allowed its video to be shared so easily. 

We reported earlier this year that the Wall Street Journal was the first of the big publishers to allow the embed code of its video to be shared.  What’s cool here is the ease of blogging directly on the Wall Street Journal’s user interface.  You don’t need to log onto your blog to create a post.  Sure, there are very limited editing functions, but you can vlog away at the home of the Wall Street Journal!  For a long toiling PR man, there is something deeply satisfying about this!

I blogged the clip above directly to Beet.TV from the Journal’s video pageFor some reason, I don’t think you can blog videos from a blog.  When you go to the Journal page, run the curser over the "Menu" button on the lower right side of the video player and you’ll see a series of icons pop up.  Use the "Blog This" button and get vloggin’.  One very nice feature here is that you are given two sizes to choose to put on your blog — 280 X 210 or 480 X 360.  This is very convenient. 

Update 3/31 — I have learned that if you place the bigger player (480 X360) on your blog, it can be "reblogged" — the smaller one, which you see on Beet.TV doesn’t allow this yet.  

Andy Plesser

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