Video sharing sites are providing a variety of monetization schemes for individual video uploaders. Revver, Blip, VideoEgg, Brightcove and others are splitting advertising revenue with content creators.  The most common share seems to be 50/50.

Some sites, notably Metacafe and CurrentTV pay contributors based on the quality and viewership of their submissions. Neither YouTube or Google Video have yet disclosed how content developers can monetize their content through advertising.

Philharvey_2Phil Harvey (l) of Light Reading has just published an essential article on the monetization programs of eight major video sharing sites.

Thanks for the tipoff goes to NewTeeVee’s Paul Kapustka whose offers this advice to video uploaders: "don’t give the day job quite yet."

The Payoff for Online Video Uploaders is "Reputation," Not "Beer Money" Says WIRED’s Chris Anderson

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I’ve reposted an interview I did with Chris Anderson late last year. Chris is author of the best selling book "The Long Tail". His comments about individual content creators is quite relevant to today’s post.

Chris explains why people blog and it’s not about the meager money, at least not directly.  The motivation is "the economy of reputation, authority and expression." 

Andy Plesser