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Here the second interview with Dmitry Shapiro, the founder and CEO of Veoh, a popular video sharing site. The site provides both streaming Flash video and large downloadable files distributed via a peer-to-peer network.

One major differentiator of Veoh is that it provides a downloadable application to save and organize video clips of different sizes to the PC or Mac.  It’s a sort of "iTunes" for downloadable video. 

What’s very cool about this is that it not only saves and organizes video but enables a computer to play videos through a simple connection.  Dmitry explains this in this interview.

Dmitry believes the future and promise of online video is "Internet Television"  — meaning downloadable programming from the Web that plays in high quality on a television set.  I agree with Dmitry on this point.  It will be interesting to see who are the winners in the this next phase of the Web — there are certainly some big players in Tivo, Akimbo, Microsoft and Apple’s upcoming iTV.

One thing that’s cool about Veoh is that it’s approach to Internet Television doesn’t involve new hardware beyond a $20 TV remote control. 


Online Video Power Players at AlwaysOn Conference

Here’s Veoh’s Dmitry Shapiro (r) with Blip.TV co-founders Mike Hudack and Dina Kaplan.  They were at the AlwaysOn On Media conference last week.

Andy Plesser

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