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MIT’s Henry Jenkins says that the success of YouTube is from the creation of content around communities of interest. It’s not about individual voyeurism. It’s a social media phenomenon driven by the viewers organized around content that matters to them. 

Henry says that social networks have been key in the success of YouTube — and social networking environments are here to stay.  But,  a new generation of online users will likely find MySpace as "Oh so twenty minutes ago" as they form new networks more to their liking.

MySpace Sessions Have Dropped by Ten Percent Since December, New Report

Not sure if this  part of the declining trend of MySpace that Henry discusses in my interview, but Liz Gannes in NewTeeVee reports today that the number monthly of video "sessions" on MySpace has dropped by some 10 percent from December.  Interesting to watch what happens.

…And It’s Slow…

Not sure if load time has anything to do with a slighty waning of traffic, but Dan Frommer at reports that MySpace is quite sluggish.

Andy Plesser