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Online video will be an increasingly important platform in the presidential elections.  Candidates are making announcements and policy statements on their own video clips,  And, the public will be uploading all sort of videos. 

We reported a few weeks back that the Barack Obama campaign is using the Brightcove platform to create an Internet video channel.

Earlier this month, I sat down with Jeremy Allaire, the CEO and founder of Brightcove.  Jeremy provides an insight into the scope of the Obama channel.

He told me that his company’s success with the election of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was key in signing on with the Obama campaign.

The Patrick channel proved to be a very rich and widely viewed channel.  I recommend that you spend some time looking at the Deval Patrick channel — the clips, the scope of the stories, the way they are edited.   It is a glimpse of politics to come.

Andy Plesser

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