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Scott Donaton has been at AdvertisingAge for nearly 20  years — starting out as the magazine beat reporter and now editor in chief.  He’s seen the gradual migration of advertising from traditional media to online and anticipates a big acceleration this year.

Scott told me that the Bud.TV online channel, a promotional platform for Budweiser, is an indication of big brands making substantial, longterm investments in online brand building and advertising sales.

(Update on Scott — he’s just been named publisher of Ad Age. Congrats!)

Lorne Manly of The New York Times has very positive piece in this coming Sunday’s New York Times Magazine about the site, which is not at all beer-focused. The video on the site go live on Monday.

ClickZ has some additional information from Zachary Rodgers about the channel and its $30 million budget.  Check it out.


Images from the set of Bud.TV, from The New York Times Magazine — no beer bottles in these frames.

Andy Plesser

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