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Dmitry Shapiro, founder of Veoh, told Beet.TV that there are 4 million unique users on the fast-growing video sharing site.  And, unlike most video sharing sites, which just stream Flash files, Veoh also provides downloads of high quality files via a peer-to-peer platform.

I think the coolest innovation coming Veoh is its free desktop application that functions as a Tivo-type device.  It downloads, saves and organizes video clips of different sizes and lengths then provides an interface to play videos on the PC, Mac or television set.  All that’s needed to make this into an Internet TV device is a $20 remote control from Radio Shack and a wire connection, Dmitry explains how it works.

So, Veoh is several things –  a video upload and sharing site as well as as a PC-based Internet TV device. 

To read more about Veoh and other emerging players in in the online video space, check out Jackson West’s post on NewTeeVee.  It was published yesterday.

Andy Plesser

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