We are huge fans of Rocketboom, the pioneering video blog that has continued to be innovative after more than 500 shows.  We think Joanne Colan is a witty and charming host. 

Yesterday, we visited the studio to watch the taping of today’s show. We had some fun watching Joanne’s give and take with producer Ian Savage.

On today’s show (Dec 14) Joanne talks about a new wiki that provides viewers with the platform to create translations from English into other languages.  Seems that the German speaking version is starting to come along.  This is a very cool development for Rocketboom and other vlogs with multi-language viewers around the globe.  What a great way to go multilingual.

After the taping, Kate sat down on the set with Joanne to talk about the creative process and her feelings about the show.  She is most excited by letters from kids, teachers and parents who find the program informative.  Seems that Rocketboom has expanded its elite digerati world and is becoming more widely watched and admired.  Congrats to founder Andrew Baron, Joanne, Ian and the crew at Rocketboom for all their success.

Special thanks to Beet.TV’s ace editor David Kavanaugh for putting this together so well.

New York Times TV Critic and Blogger Virginia Heffernan Rates Lulu.tv’s Best Clips

The lulu.tv best video clips of 2006 has been published.  Virginia annotates the list on her Screens blog with her take on the clips.  Hey Virginia, that’s interesting, but why don’t you make up your own list too?  Love to read that.

Andy Plesser

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