We vloggers have known for some time that providing RSS feeds of our posts is key to building an audience.

How interesting it is to find that at least one television network is embracing RSS in a big way to build audiences.

NewsGator has just announced an agreement with nbbc, the NBC-owned distribution/advertiser network of video clips. 

J.B. Holston, the CEO of NewsGator, was in our offices recently to explain how he is applying RSS technology to network TV content. He also gives us a demo of the NewsGator interface and the new nbbc Flash player.

— Andy Plesser

Boom Times In Silicon Valley — VideoEgg Finds Its Home Great to read about all the fascinating start-ups moving to Silicon Valley to be part of the new boom in technology innovation and funding.  Cool story in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription) about VideoEgg and the journey of its three founders from New Haven to San Francisco via an extended stay at $50-a-night hotel room at SFO.  They are doing very nicely now.  We had the good fortune to interview  co-founder Kevin Sladek in June.  Kevin’s a great guy with a very hot new company.

OK, Video Blogging Must be Cool if Technorati is in the Game!  Those clever folks in San Francisco have just launched their own vlog, reports Mashable’s Pete Cashmore. OK, production values are kinda simple, but we think chairman Peter Hirshberg has the making of TV stardom – he’s really good. Conan take notice! Here’s our interview with Peter from July. Interesting to note that the show is hosted on Revver which has a post roll ad the end of the show.  Good luck you guys!

Anti-U.S. Attack Videos from Iraq Propagate YouTube and other sites. Clips of sniper attacks, death and violence are on the popular site, reports New York Times in Friday’s paper.  While the company is trying to remove the clips, the task is proving difficult. 06tube_lg (These are images from YouTube published by The Times.)

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