Some big news out of Brightcove, the online video content management company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Today the company is launching a public video portal featuring a vast amount of content from company customers including newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, record labels and others.

At the same time, it has begun to offer individual publishers the ability to upload content and share in advertising revenue on per-download basis. There is no cost to individual content developers who agree to accept advertising. (Sounds a little Revver-like to us.)

The quality of the Brightcove Flash code is very good. I think it’s very cool that that quality of Flash publishing, which graces the Web pages of The New York Times, Newsweek and Dow Jones, can be used by small content developers for free.

Small content companies can also use Brightcove, ad free, on the existing “per downloaded clip” basis.

We spoke with Brightcove founder Jeremy Allaire in our New York studios late last week. He filled us in on all the developments. ZDNet has a story on the launch as well, and you can find the launch announcement on Brightcove’s blog.

How Do We Find Videos? It’s Viral — and RSS has a LONG Way to Go, Finds New Forrester Research….And Current Video Search "Stinks"

Josh Bernoff at Forrester Research has just published a report on the exploding state of online video.  He reports that 34% of online consumers have watched online videos — and they are finding the clips mostly via friends, family and web surfing.  Useful search is not here yet; the overall state of video search "stinks." 

When consumers are asked how they find video clips, here’s how they find them:

46% – friends and family

43% – browsing the Web

43% – searching portals

24% – video sharing sites

11% – search boxes on site with video

4% – RSS

(Source: "Online Video Portals: Why Video Search Stinks" – Forrester Research 10/18/06)

Note, we’re pleased to share some of the findings from the report. To view the entire report, you’re gonna have to whip out the plastic and buy it from Forrester.

Andy Plesser

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