There’s been a lot of anticipation about the launch later this month of the new (yet unnamed) video blog about technology by uberblogger Robert Scoble

Robert knows a thing or two about video blogs. During his stint at Microsoft he launched the groundbreaking Channel 9.

Now at PodTech in Silicon Valley, Scoble will launch the new vlog later this month.  It will be found on the PodTech and Scobleizer sites. Beet.TV has learned that it will also exist on its own distinct URL. 

I chatted with Robert earlier this summer at the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford.  Robert showed me his $4000 Sony HD. This is his tool for creating his new show. Pretty snazzy.  Although he is shooting in high def, the distribution will be in much smaller file sizes, we have learned 🙂 In Robert’s hand is his other vlogging tool, a miniature Sanyo HD camcorder.

Good luck Robert.  Break a leg.

YouTube Launches New College Video Network — Could Facebook’s Loss be YouTube’s Gain?

I spoke with Chris Hughes, one of the three brilliant founders of Facebook earlier this summer.  Chris told me that Facebook has no plans to incorporate video into its platform.  Evidently, his site has been enormously successful without, thank you very much.

But college kids are great at creating video and want to share it.  So, YouTube is making its move in hosting student-created video and building a college network.  It was just lanched last week and already a number of students have signed on at 61 institutions including Columbia, Harvard, Ohio State, University of Alabama and Stanford. 

There’s a really good article about college students and YouTube in Inside Higher Ed

Here at Beet.TV, my colleague Taryn Mickus and the team have been breaking some of ground in the world of college and online video by building a vlog LawClinic.TV for the Fordham University School of Law.  We think it’s a cool way to present the commitment and experience of these budding lawyers.  It’s coming along.

— Andy Plesser

More on Facebook’s new features from MIT’s Technology Review’s Wade Roush.

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