Shelly Palmer heads the committee charged with following the evolution of television for the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, better know as the Emmys.

Shelly is truly a Renaissance man, an accomplished television director, author, celebrated composer and television visionary.  We had an expansive discussion with him about the transformation of television as we know it.  He thinks we are living through the "Golden Age of Television" NOW.  He says that television in the 50’s was really kind of "crappy." (Yeah, the innovation was great but most of the programming was awful.)

Shelly has a lot to say about downloading TV shows, the future of IPTV, the future of television consumption and much more.  We are going to feature contiguous excerpts from our interview with Shelley over the next few days.  Bookmark this stuff!

In our first post, Shelley compares the old "Golden Age" of Lucile Ball with the introduction of TV downloads via iTunes.

Emmy Awards Submissions due by Friday, September 22. If you are innovator doing something cool in the video space, you should make an awards submission pronto.  How amazing would it be to win an Emmy at CES at the Venetian in Las Vegas?  You gotta believe.

Googleplex Update: Captions Hit Online Video!

The clever folks at Google Video have just introduced a utility to put captions/subtitles which travel along the bottom of videos.  This could be helpful in many ways: you can keep your speakers off while viewing video at work, you can provide translations of clips, etc.  We think this could be great for the Arabic version of Beet.TV — the translation is fine — but we need subtitles for the video.  This might be our solution? Can we truly go global?

And, yes, it’s a wonderful development for the hearing impaired, natch.  A few captioned videos just went live. Here are the instructions on how to use it.

— Andy Plesser

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