We met up with Kevin Sladek, one of the founders of VideoEgg, a very cool San Francisco startup that provides a simple tool to upload and share videos directly on various blog platforms, e-Bay and e-mail. 

Kevin founded VideoEgg in 2004 with his two classmates from Yale – Matt Sanchez and Dave Lerman – just one year after graduation. Smart chaps.

Kevin is keenly aware of the content trends of community generated video and where it might be leading. He explains this very well in this clip.

— Andy Plesser

(Disclosure: We like VideoEgg and use it to publish videos for Beet.TV, but we have no special agreement with the company. They host our videos for free as they will certainly do for you.)

Google Video Update:  The company has just announced advertising on some "premium " Google Video will have advertising.  These ads in forms including "post roll" will not appear on community generated content.

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