KIT Digital Has Bolstered Focus on Three-Screen Video

KIT digital, a jack-of-all trades company that can produce videos for clients, deliver them over their own global CDN, and monetize them, will continue to strengthen its focus on mobile and TV through set-top boxes in 2009, Head of the Americas Dan Rosen told me at the Beet.TV studio.


Sony Music Licences Kyte Platform for Artist Videos Online

Sony Music Entertainment has licensed Kyte's digital media platform for use by its artists in the U.S. and Germany, Kyte announced today.


iPhone Video Search Goes Deeper with Updated Truveo App

Video search engine Truveo has released an updated version of its  iPhone application, Beet.TV has learned. The application, first launched in July, allows users to access videos in Apple-friendly formats from major sites including CNN, NBC, HBO, The Discovery Channel, and YouTube. In November, I interviewed CEO Peter Kocks about the then-forthcoming updates, and he […]


Palm Pre Takes Best of CES from CNET

Surely one of the big stories at CES has been the introduction of the Palm Pre, a new smartphone.  Earlier today, CNET announced that the device has won the "best of show" for CES 2009. We've embedded a CNET video rave review and a demonstration of the new hand-held by Kent German, mobile phone editor. […]


iPhone Could Rival Nintendo DS as Mobile Gaming Platform

As video game publishers introduce more games for the iPhone, the device will become an increasingly used video game platform, says Libe Goad, editor-in-chief of AOL's, a popular guide/information portal about video games.  While rudimentary games for the iPhone are popular, such as TapTap, more sophisticated games are coming to the iPhone soon, including […]


Playable search engine SeeqPod will introduce a Windows mobile application tomorrow that will bring all the free music on the Internet to mobile phones.

Playable search engine SeeqPod will introduce a Windows mobile application tomorrow that will bring all the free music on the Internet to mobile phones. Users simply have to search for a song, and if it exists anywhere on the web–legally or illegally–SeeqPod will find it with its crawling and indexing technology.


CNET: Joost Still Has a Pulse

Joost, which Portfolio previously described as going “from superhero from life support,” is attempting a comeback, CNET’s Caroline McCarthy writes today. Part of its revamping includes its new iPhone application, which I interviewed CEO Mike Volpi about from his London office via Skype earlier this month. I republished the interview here. —Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer


Joost Launches Video iPhone App on WiFi; 3G Capacity Coming Soon

On-demand web video service Joost’s new (and free) iPhone application, launched Monday, streams its entire online library of 45,000-plus videos to users on WiFi networks, according to CEO Mike Volpi. A large portion of the library will be available on 3G within a month: “The technology is basically ready,” he says. Volpi spoke to me […]


Beet.TV On the iPhone via Clever Work Around from

For some time, Beet.TV has been available on the iPod and the iPhone, in the form of a downloaded file via iTunes. Now, those clever engineers at have a work around to allow iPhone owners watch videos streamed on demand. Very cool development. Meghan Keane over at Epicenter has the story along with comments […]


VideoEgg Hatching Video Ads in iPhone

VideoEgg, the San Francisco-based video ad network, will introduce advertising to the iPhone, reports TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld. For the story, Erick interviewed VideoEgg’s Troy Young, who talks about the opportunity of the iPhone for marketers. Troy disses AdMob, a mobile phone ad network which presently serves ads to the iPhone. Here’s the company press release. […]


Adobe Bringing Flash to Windows-Powered Mobile Phones

At the big Adobe developers conference in San Francisco today, Adobe will unveil the introduction of Flash video on mobile phones, just on Windows Mobile.  Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch has the story. In September on the MIT campus, I spoke with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch about the future of Flash and the prospects for Flash […]


New iPhone and Android App for Wikipedia Allows Users to “Micro-contribute on the go”

Veveo, the Boston-area start-up which has been a pioneer in bringing video search to mobile devices, has introduced a free application to search Wikipedia on the iPhone and the Google Android.  The company announced the launch of WikiTap, which can be downloaded here. The company says it is the first Wikipedia application developed for the […]


Major Media Networks Provide Mobile Election Video, Services; Here’s What’s up at CBS News

CBS has live video coverage of the election available through Verizon Wireless V CAST and on-demand video for the iPhone, Ethan Dreilinger, Director of CBS Mobile News, told Andy in an interview this afternoon. “It’s a much richer experience, and it’s more of the experience that you are expecting,” he says. “So if you’re expecting […]


Zoho Mail Opens to the Public with Offline Support, iPhone App

Zoho Mail came out of private beta today with some impressive features already lined up: The service has an iPhone app and an offline mode. Gmail still doesn’t have offline support, prompting Read Write Web’s Richard MacManus to write: "Innovative web office start-up Zoho has beaten Google to the punch again."


30-Plus OpenSocial Apps Now Available on Ning

Create-your-own-social-network platform Ning announced today that over 30 OpenSocial applications will be available for its 500,000 online communities. OpenSocial applications, developed by Google, work across social networks like Friendster, Hi5, and MySpace. 


Adobe Expects 100 Million Installs of AIR This Year; Next Step, AIR for Mobile

CAMBRIDGE, Mass — Adobe AIR runtime environment has been installed on 35 million PCs and will reach 100 million by the end of the year, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch told Andy in this interview.  He caught up with Lynch at the EmTech08 conference last week.


Adobe is Working on Flash for iPhone, Report

An Adobe official has confirmed that Adobe is working on Flash technology for the iPhone, and that the player will be available in a very short time if Apple gives it the OK, according to a report by iPhone Atlas. Adobe already has Flash running on an iPhone emulator.


Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch: Flash Expected to Reach One Billion Devices by 2009

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Adobe Systems CTO Kevin Lynch is one of the forces behind the Open Screen Project, a collaboration of 20 companies working to bring rich content, like mobile applications and flash, to any screen. Adobe Flash currently reaches over 800 million devices and expects to reach one billion by 2009, he says.   


Flixwagon Offers White Label Mobile Video Broadcasting, Report

Allen Stern over at CenterNetworks says that Flixwagon, the company which provides a Web platform for live and recorded mobile phone uploads, will announce a "white label" solution for media organizations and carriers to create their own branded channels. In Hollywood in June, I spoke with Flixwagon co-founder Sarig Reichert. I’ve republished this interview today. […]


Tingz Widgets Sync Across Platforms, But Face Tough Competition

There are a lot of widgets on the web, but TechCrunch50 presenter Tingz has created a solution that works across almost any platform, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Macs OS X, and Windows Media Center. The widgets look and act the same on each device and automatically sync up, according to CEO Patrick Hunt.

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