Nielsen’s New Out-of-Home TV Rating System Uses Cell Phones to Track Viewing

Nielsen teamed with Integrated Media Mesurement Inc. to create the first out-of-home national television rating system, the companies announced yesterday. IMMI uses cell phones to measure consumers’ media consumption wherever they happen to be, making it possible to track viewing in locations like gyms, offices, and bars.


Washington Post Reporters Use Comet to Stream Live Video from Mobile Phones

The Washington Post has begun streaming live video via mobile phones to the newspaper’s site using Comet Technologies.  The first implementation has come from Ed O’Keefe, reporting live from the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.


Marc Andreesen and and Ben Horowitz Invest in Mobile Video Streaming Company Qik

Netscape founder and prolific entrepreneur Mark Andreesen and his long time business partner Ben Horowitz are making an investment in Qik, the Foster City-based mobile video streaming platform.  Terms of the investment have not been disclosed.


Mobile Media Technology Company Readies U.S. Entry

Mobile video ads targeted at a user’s demographics and location could soon become a reality. GoldSpot Media has developed technology that can insert targeted ads into mobile broadcast networks in real time.  GoldSpot is already in commercial trials with broadcasters in Europe and Asia, and is currently in talks with broadcasters in the U.S., CEO […]


Venture Beat Has 100 Beta Invites for New Mobile Browser….MG “Paris Lemon” Siegler Has the Download

MG Siegler over at VentureBeat has the story this morning about Skyfire, a new browser for mobile devices.  VentureBeat is giving away 100 invitations to try the new browser in private beta trials, MG writes in his post.


Home Appliances Will Communicate on Verizon Network

Verizon Wireless wants machine-to-machine devices to run on the company’s open wireless network, according to VP of Open Development Anthony Lewis. Automated homes, where "appliances can talk to each other" on the wireless network and let repairmen know when they need fixing, are "around the corner," he says.


Nokia Set to Integrate Navteq Maps into Entire Ovi Network

PALO ALTO–With the closing earlier this month of the $8.1 billion acquisition of Navteq, Nokia is set to fully integrate maps into its new content sharing site Ovi. Ovi allows users to store and share multimedia content.  The mapping element will provide important context for users, says Kamar Shah, head of global head of industry […]


Qik Enters Public Beta and Works on Symbian and Windows Mobile Smart Phones

Qik, pronounced "quick," is enabling a select group of video bloggers, some network news organizations and even Vatican officials to report and document developments with the camera on a smart phone.


Apple iPhone 3G has Easy Set-up with Microsoft Exchange

So, one of the big drawbacks for corporate e-mail users with the iPhone was the lack of integration with with Microsoft Exchange. This has all changed with yesterday’s introduction of the iPhone 3G, the software for the new device and an upgrade for the earlier version.


Mossberg: iPhone 3G Has Weak Battery Life and Expensive Data Plan

(11/11/2008 update: We had to take this video down because the copyright expired. Our apologies.) Always good to get Walt Mossberg’s take on new gear. Tonight the Wall Street Journal published his print and video review of the new Apple 3G iPhone. We’ve embedded the video here.


“50 Cent” Has an Online Hit: Successful Mobile Video Uploads via Kyte

HOLLYWOOD — 50 Cent, who is touring with his G-Unit crew to promote his new album, has been getting good notices, including this story from Thursday’s (7/3) The New York Times. Fueling his popularity is a successful fan site which prominently displays fan-uploaded videos onto a Kyte player. Watching a video on my desktop, iTunes […]

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