Many advertisers are aiming to expand their programmatic buys into TV this year, says Todd Gordon, EVP of Magna Global, in an interview with Beet.TV. “It’s natural for clients having success in programmatic to want to extend to TV where most of their ad dollars are going,” he says, adding that many Magna Global clients are already using the agency’s advanced TV product to do this, and the agency expects continued growth in this area this year. “We are exploring what we’ve learned in digital video and applying to TV.”

This follows a natural trend in programmatic buying to migrate the buying method from online to TV, which still commands the most money. Only 8% of TV ad executives are currently buying TV ads programmatically, but about 12% plan to increase their spending this year, according to a survey by AOL Platforms reported on by eMarketer.

Programmatic TV buying won’t be identical to online buying, however, Gordon cautions. “There isn’t real-time access to data or ad serving in the same way, but the basic principles of using client’s data and more specific data to be more targeted, using technology to help facilitate the translation of that data into what inventory to buy, and buying inventory in a more granular way to reach the audience is there.”

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