Hulu’s Pause Ads Lift Brands 68%: Helfand

SANTA BARBARA — Most TV services want to show ads to viewers when the viewers are watching shows. Last year, Hulu began asking a different question – what if it served an ad when viewers stopped watching? In January, it launched a new ad format, “Pause Ad“, and the first results from tests with Coca-Cola […]


Hulu Will Test New Ad Format Suited To Binge Viewing

As Hulu unveiled a slate of new content offerings at its NewFronts presentation today, the streaming television service said it will beta test a new advertising format called the “binge advertising experience.” The new format will make it possible for marketers to target binge viewers with creative that is situationally relevant to their viewing behavior, […]


Digital Publishers Focus On Monetization, ‘Converged Advertising’: Adobe’s Helfand

From its vantage point in the digital cloud, Adobe has a unique view of video publishers around the globe. Lately it’s been seeing a shift in emphasis from cross-screen reach to monetization. Concurrently, U.S. video viewing has bifurcated along two lines: mobile devices during the day and living room big screens at night, with many […]


IP-Delivered Live TV Programming Accelerating in Living Room, Adobe’s Helfand

LAS VEGAS – IP delivery of live TV  programming via OTT devices is surging:  So called “TV Everywhere” consumption has moved from primarily via mobile devices to the living room.  In the last twelve months OTT device viewing has gone from under 10% to some 25% of live streamed content, says Jeremy Helfand, Vice President, Adobe […]


Adobe Ups Speed for Primetime; Boosts OTT

LAS VEGAS — As the over-the-top business grows quickly, Adobe has added additional delivery tools to improve speed and reliability, says Jeremy Helfand, VP of Video Solutions at Adobe, in an interview with Beet.TV. That includes higher speed video starts, which means videos are launching four times faster. “We want to make sure consumers can engage with […]


Nielsen-Adobe Deal on Track for 2015 Digital Ratings

As consumer interest in watching authenticated TV rises, the ad business will look for better ways to measure video across screens, says Jeremy Helfand, VP Adobe Primetime at Adobe, in this interview with Beet.TV. About 10% of all authenticated TV content is viewed through an OTT device, underscoring the need for measurement and functionality. “Being […]


Sports Is Catalyst For TV Everywhere Boom: Adobe’s Helfand

SAN FRANCISCO — The TV Everywhere system for allowing online viewers to watch channels from the US’ patchwork of cable operators is booming thanks to sports popularity. “We saw about a 250% increase in TV Everywhere streams this past quarter over the previous year,” says Adobe’s Primetime VP Jeremy Helfand. “Live sports has been a […]


NBC Implements Adobe Primetime for Winter Olympics Digital Distribution

NBC has tapped Adobe Primetime as the platform to deliver live and on-demand digital video to of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Adobe announced today.   The service will allow cable and satellite subscribers to watch the Olympics across multiple devices including Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android and others. Adobe is teaming with Microsoft Azure to […]


Adobe: TV Everywhere Homes Doubled in 2013

The number of pay-TV homes accessing TV Everywhere has doubled in the first nine months of 2013, says Jeremy Helfand, VP of Monetization at Adobe, during an interview with Beet.TV. Adobe launched its TV Everywhere platform, Adobe Primetime, earlier this year and now counts more than a dozen major media companies using the platform. The […]