As consumer interest in watching authenticated TV rises, the ad business will look for better ways to measure video across screens, says Jeremy Helfand, VP Adobe Primetime at Adobe, in this interview with Beet.TV. About 10% of all authenticated TV content is viewed through an OTT device, underscoring the need for measurement and functionality.

“Being able to provide dynamic ad insertion and effectively measure that channel is a tremendous opportunity for brands,” he says. That’s why Nielsen and Adobe have paired up on a measurement initiative for digital media content, called Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, slated to launch in 2015.

The cross-platform system marries Nielsen’s census-based data with Adobe’s online TV platform and analytics to create a composite view of audiences across digital devices. “It eliminates a friction point. It allows you to get to new devices quicker and for site-side analytics and measurement for transacting ads in a single measurement capability,” he says.

We interviewed Helfand at the TV of Tomorrow conference in Manhattan last week.