Holy Sh#%&T!!! Beet.TV is Picked by TypePad

We cannot believe it. We have just received one of the greatest compliments to be bestowed on any blogger — we are the featured blog today on the home page of TypePad. The company hosts millions and million of blogs, including this one. They highlight just one blog a day, so it is a great […]


Republicans or Democrats: Who’s Better Online? Joe Trippi Weighs In

Click To Play We caught up with political strategist Joe Trippi today at the CASE conference in Manhattan. Joe was a featured speaker at the gathering of some 700 university administrators. We are wondering about technology and the midterm elections and asked him to size up the relative prowess of Republicans versus Democrats in utilizing […]


Why We Love Beets: The Hippy Chef Pares the Story

OK, I’m sure you’ve been wondering why we named our vlog after a mildly obscure root vegetable. We think beets are very tasty and provide a nice, wholesome image. (If an apple works for a computer maker, why not a beet for a vlogger?) We’ve been searching the Internet for some good videos about our […]


Snakes, Pirates, Songs – Oh My! Forrester’s Charlene Li Talks Advertising and UGC

Click To Play Forrester Research’s Charlene Li talks about some of the ways that advertisers and marketers are incorporating the user generated content phenomenon into their outreach to customers. She mentions one of the most widely anticipated summer movies, the seemingly undistinguished ‘Snakes On a Plane’, that has enjoyed priceless publicity on the Web after […]


Wake up Corporate America, “You Are Being Watched,” says Super Blogger Jeff Jarvis

Click To Play   BuzzMachine power blogger Jeff Jarvis offered his perspective on companies who want to get on board the online video train at the PaidContent mixer last week, but cautioned that companies need to change their approach to interacting with customers and recognize that the shoe is on the other foot so to […]


OK Rocketboom’s Amanda is Gone, Now Who is Andrew Baron?

As you probably know by now, Amanda Congdon, the face of Rocketboom has split from the trailblaizing video blog.  It’s HUGE news in the blogesphere — Rocketboom is the top item on Technorati (at 7 am EDT) — beating Ken Lay and North Korea! Amanda explains her side of the story on her blog Amanda […]


Top Internet Analyst Charlene Li Sorts Out the Online Video World and Thinks Yahoo! Has it Right

Click To Play   We dropped by the Forrester Research offices in Silicon Valley recently and spent time with Charlene Li, one of the industry’s most influential and astute analysts of the Internet space.  Charlene explained to us the landscape and spoke about the relative strengths of the YouTube, Yahoo! Video and Google Video models […]


News Flash From Googleplex: Paris Hilton Invades the Blogosphere As Google Challenges YouTube in Online Video Dominance

New Google/MySpace Cross Publishing Program Could be Huge Boost in Battle for Online Video We just learned from insiders at Google that they have launched a very powerful new functionality to their video platform.  We see it as a big step in Google’s battle to gain market share from YouTube and others in the exploding […]


PaidContent’s Rafat Ali: “Journalists are the Weakest Link” in the Digital Revolution and Their Unions Don’t Help

Click To Play   Rafat Ali has made huge strides in bootstrapping his four year-old PaidContent into the “must read” for the entire digital media industry.  When I caught up with the pioneering journalist this week in Manhattan, I asked him how he has succeeded in ways that traditional media hasn’t. He was clear that […]


New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. On the Relevancy of “Prior Restraint” in the Digital Age

Click To Play   At PaidContent’s packed NYC mixer last night, we taped some nice kudos for Rafat Ali and his crew from partygoers, including Jay MacDonald, of DeSilva & Phillips, and Darren Herman from MGI Worldwide. Our video montage also includes a clip from New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Sulzberger was the […]


“Small is the New Big,” in Publishing Says BuzzMachine’s Jeff Jarvis

Click To Play   The Beet was on-hand for the sold-out, lines down the hall of the Union Square ‘W’ hotel mixer to celebrate Rafat Ali and PaidContent. BuzzMachine blogger Jeff Jarvis was one of the 500-plus bloggers, journalists, and media elite crowd, that included Gawker‘s Nick Denton and the New York Times’ Arthur Sulzberger. […]


News Update: PaidContent Gets Paid by Bigtime VC — Stay Tuned For Beet’s Interview with Rafat Ali from New York City!

Click To Play Nobody covers the online media space better than PaidContent.org. Started by Rafat Ali just three years ago, the scrappy start-up often beats the mainstream media to scoops and insights into emerging trends. Rafat has created a successful media brand in a super competitive vertical space by hard work and smarts.  Very inspiring.  […]


Online Video is Hot New Sector for Venture Capital: Battery Ventures’ Kara Nortman Surveys the Scene

Click To Play   The world of online video is definitely more than a blip on the radar screen of many of the top venture capital firms. We caught up with Kara Nortman of the top-tier Boston/Menlo Park-based venture capital firm, Battery Ventures. Kara is looking closely at the emerging trend in online video and […]


What’s the Face of Community-Generated Content? VideoEgg’s Kevin Sladek Unscrambles the Picture

Click To Play   We met up with Kevin Sladek, one of the founders of VideoEgg, a very cool San Francisco startup that provides a simple tool to upload and share videos directly on various blog platforms, e-Bay and e-mail.  Kevin founded VideoEgg in 2004 with his two classmates from Yale – Matt Sanchez and […]


New Yorker’s Ken Auletta “Goes Long” on Time Warner — He Ponders: Is MySpace a GoodSpace for News Corp.

Click To Play   We spoke with the New Yorker’s Ken Auletta, a great guy who we think is the media industry’s most interesting and informed observer. (And the best dresser, by far!) We caught up with him outside the Yale Club in Manhattan. Ken is perplexed by the lack of enthusiasm from Wall Street […]


Veteran Microsoft Watcher Mary Jo Foley Expects Scoble’s New Venture to be Huge

Click To Play   It’s hard to find someone who knows Microsoft better than Mary Jo Foley, editor of the widely read and respected Microsoft Watch. I caught up with her today, a couple blocks from her Manhattan offices, to talk about Robert Scoble’s impact on Microsoft, the way the news of his departure broke […]


Top Microsoft Video Strategist to Corporations: Take a Lesson from al-Qaeda…and You Better Embrace “Reactive Media” Pronto

Click To Play Please Note:  On Friday, Todd told Beet.TV that MSN would match YouTube in uploads. To understand the stark power of community-generated video, Microsoft online video strategist Todd Herman says look at how al-Qaeda has used online video to disintermediate traditional media. Todd says the effectiveness of terrorists should be a wake-up call […]


Amazing But True: The Wall Street Journal Credited Beet.TV on Scoble Scoop – But Just for a Few Hours :(

Kate and I were absolutely stunned and delighted to see the Wall Street Journal credited Beet.TV’s scoop on Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft to go to PodTech. We saw the article online from our little production booth at around 3:00 PST on Sunday afternoon at the Vloggercon conference in San Francisco. We fell off our chairs. […]


Rocketboom Goes BoingBoing in New Partnership

Click To Play The world’s most influential blog is teaming up with the world’s most influential vlog. During Rocketboom’s turn on the stage at the Vloggercon conference, co-founder Andrew Baron announced that the hit vlog would be partnering with BoingBoing to create a video blog version of the popular blog. Andrew explained that BoingBoing was […]


Google “Wants all The World’s Video,” and File Size DOES NOT MATTER!

Click To Play All the world’s videos? That’s a lot of storage! We knew that Google Video had changed its user interface and video approval process just a couple weeks ago and we had some questions for Hunter Walk, a Business Product Manager at Google Video when I visited the Googleplex in Mountain View, Ca. […]