One of the hardest working journalist/blogger in the online video space is Steve Bryant.  He authors the Hollywood Reporter’s ReelPop, contributes regularly to NewTeeVee and writes Google Watch for e-Week.
But, more than just keeping up with what’s happening and reporting it, he’s an insightful critic of video content.  I always enjoy reading his columns, so I was pleased to sit down with him in Manhattan’s Madison Park, just a few blocks from the Beet.TV world broadcast center.
Steve seems to have something of a budding new life as an impresario.  He and his buddy Lane Buschel came up with an idea for a Wii tennis match at Brooklyn bar, named it "Wiimbledon" and cleverly promoted it just before the London tennis tournament.  The event in Brooklyn was a big success. He had 125 participants and some serious coverage including a segment on MTV and ABC News World Tonight.  Geez Steve, that’s some PR dude.  Congrats.
— Andy Plesser
Grab the video code of this clip here.

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