Founded by two former Capital One executives, Cardlytics knows what’s in your wallet—actually, your online banking transactions.

Not quite 10 years old, Cardlytics has progressed from facilitating brand interaction with online banking customers to the world of television advertising. Among other things, it now works with companies like TiVo and with multichannel video program distributors for the planning and results measurement of TV ad campaigns.

In an interview with Beet.TV, Chris Harter, SVP of Television Partnerships, describes early interaction with advertisers like McDonald’s and DIRECTV. The company would analyze spending from online mobile banking transactions and determine “this customer likes hamburgers, and McDonald’s would say to them if you come to McDonald’s we will give you 20% cash back,” says Harter.

It was all done anonymously, as customers’ personally identifiable information “never leaves the walls of the bank,” Harter says. “It was one of the first real instances of the power of bank data to connect advertisers to the right customers.”

Cardlytics carries this cloaked data approach to its work in television, with all of the attendant legal paperwork. “We should be able to deliver customers more compelling experiences and more value to both clients and advertisers while everybody stays safe and secure,” says Harter.

The company has a “great relationship” with TiVo, described by Harter as “a very bright analytical bunch.” As he sees it, “our data powers TiVo’s products as they face those toward broadcasters and their clients.”

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