One-to-One Data Will Change the Television Business, WPP’s Irwin Gotlieb

The availability of one-on-one data for marketers, driven by the recent comScore/Rentrak merger, will fundamentally transform advertising decisioning and  insight into consumer behavior, says Irwin Gotlieb, Chairman of GroupM, the media agency unit of WPP. He shares his views on advanced TV and data with Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP, head of marketing for AT&T Adworks. This […]


What Price The Data That Fuels TV Revolution?

By now, we all know that “data is the new oil” that fuels myriad targeting capabilities in the precision online era. But who holds the best data and how important is it? “That data’s not free,” according to Modi Media president Mike Bologna. “Of the 50-plus household campaigns we’ve run so far this year, we’ve […]


Mike Bologna’s Three Prerequisites For Addressability

The ability to target individual TV sets with the same precision advertisers buy online ads is exciting some advertisers. One ad group has even tripled its spend on the format in the last year. But what are the building blocks of planning out an addressable-TV ad buy? Mike Bologna, CEO of GroupM’s addressable-TV ad unit Modi Media, […]


Will Content Costs Will Force Netflix To Run Ads?

They are the big beasts of the digital-video world. Netflix and Amazon are fast gathering subscribers to their paid, ad-free online video offerings. But, with their platforms gaining traction in the living room, aren’t they ignoring a pretty big TV advertising opportunity? “They’re all spending millions and millions of dollars to produce this content – so […]


The Challenges In The Road To Targeted TV Ads

The hot discussion in the crossover of television and advertising technology is about household-level TV ad targeting. So-called “addressable” TV is slowly becoming a reality in some markets, promising markets internet-style specific targeting. But what humps are still in the road to an addressable future? In a panel on the topic, these executives discussed the topic… […]


Media Measurement Is Broken: GroupM’s Gotlieb

It’s the challenge of a media generation. But there is still no good way in which the media industry is effectively comprehending the holistic viewing of video across multiple device screens, according to one advertising big-wig. “There has been a fundamental shift – some viewers are spending more and more time with Netflix – and […]


AT&T + DirecTV Brings Targeted TV Ads to 26 Million Homes

The recent $49 billion acquisition of DirecTV provides AT&T the ability to serve specific “addressable” ads to some 12 million households.  Combined with AT&T’s audience targeting platform called Blueprint, this gives AT&T the ability to target some 26 million homes in the U.S., explains Mike Welch Head of Strategy, Product and Business Development at AT&T AdWorks, […]


AT&T Acquisition of DirecTV will Drive “Addressable” Advertising

The recently approved acquisition of DirecTV by AT&T will drive the adoption of addressable advertising to the set-top box and across screens, explains Rick Welday, the newly appointed CEO of AT&T AdWorks, in this interview with Beet.TV In addition to the massive scale of the newly merged entities, the technical capabilities developed by DirecTV will mean […]


Addressable TV Needs Operator Data, SMG’s Steve Murtos

While the technology to deliver television advertisement  to a specific household via the cable box is now viable, the growth of the emerging medium. called “Addressable TV,” is being held back by a lack of access to “granular” household data owned by the cable and satellite operators, says Steve Murtos, SVP Precision Video at Starcom MediaVest […]


It’s Not TV Or Digital, It’s Video: AT&T AdWorks’ Dunsche

In the age of media proliferation, walls between established media types are collapsing. Nowhere more so than in moving images. Where, once, online video was seen as an entirely separate channel from TV, the emergence of multi-faceted screens and cross-screen planning and buying is forcing redefinition. “It’s not TV, digital or mobile – now people are […]


The Growth of Addressable Television will Be Powered by Media Agencies, GroupM’s Gotlieb

Addressable TV, the sending of TV ads to specific cable or satellite boxes, is developing but its growth is limited by supply.   MSO’s including AT&T DirecTV, Cablevision and others offer only two-minutes per hour. But that is going to change. It will be driven by media agencies who will buy national programming and allocate […]