The ability to target individual TV sets with the same precision advertisers buy online ads is exciting some advertisers. One ad group has even tripled its spend on the format in the last year.

But what are the building blocks of planning out an addressable-TV ad buy? Mike Bologna, CEO of GroupM’s addressable-TV ad unit Modi Media, offered up in this template in an industry discussion panel:

“Three things need to happen before any addressable campaign gets executed:,” he said.

  1. “The target has to be defined.”
  2. “The math has to be done. We have to determine that the premium for that segment s actually more efficient than buying the big, broad demo(graphic) and absorbing the waste.”
  3. “What’s the metric for performance? How are we going to calculate the ROI, and what is that ROI determined as?”

“Once those three things are determined, the campaign launches. If we don’t do those three things, it falls apart.”


He was interviewed last month by LUMA Partners CEO Terence Kawaja, at an event about the future of addressable TV presented by AT&T AdWorks in association with Beet.TV  Please find more videos here