TiVo’s TRA Unit Expands Coverage To Digital Sector

SAN FRANCISCO — TRA, the technology innovator that specializes in quantifying and maximizing advertising ROI, which was acquired by TiVo earlier this year, is preparing to go all media.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco, Vice Chariman, founder and CRO Bill Harvey spoke with us about this development.


Beauty TV CEO On Creating Video Content For All Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO —  Beauty TV is an over-the-top television network dedicated to broadcasting beauty content 24/7.  Beet.TV spoke with the network’s CEO, Rob Angelino, at the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco to find out about Beauty TV’s strategy, as well as Angelino’s take on Smart TV.


SmartClip’s Chandrapal: Europe Is Leading In The Connected TV Market

SAN FRANCISCO — U.S. television viewers have begun watching more connected TV over the past few years, with products like Roku and Vizio’s smart TVs on the rise.


Parks Research Analyst: Consumers More Receptive To Connected TV Advertising

SAN FRANCISCO — As more consumers adopt a digital lifestyle, complete with second-screen apps, tablets and connected TVs, brands are becoming interested in learning about connected TV advertising—who the viewers are and how they are engaging with this advertising. Parks Associates is at the forefront of this research and, at the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising […]


adRise CEO: “We need more interactive video ads on connected TV”

SAN FRANCISCO — As more and more consumers are adopting the multi-screen lifestyle and watching television content on connected TV platforms and devices, advertising needs are changing.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco Farhad Massoudi, Founder and CEO of adRise, spoke with us about this change and how his company […]


Collider Media: Making Ad Inventory More Valuable With Third-Party Data

SAN FRANCISCO — Collider Media is working to make online video advertising inventory more valuable by including third-party data. At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco, SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Pete Hagerty, spoke with us about Collider’s work and why addressable ad inventory is so effective.


MPG’s Mitch Oscar: TV May Change Less Than You Think Over The Next Year

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a lot of hype right now around social TV and the “second screen” and how these trends are changing the face of television as we know it. Mitch Oscar, Executive VP of Innovations at MPG, believes that this change may not be as immediate as some think. At the Smart TV […]


DG’s John Douglas On The Merging Of TV & Online Advertising

SAN FRANCISCO — Television content is no longer just for TV-viewing, and as more and more consumers view content on smart TVs, tablets and other connected devices, digital advertising is spilling over into the broadcast market.  John Douglas, Ads Service Manager at DG, spoke with us about this trend at the Smart TV and Multi-screen […]


Commentary: Collaboration, Partnerships Vital for Smart TV Ad Biz, Analyst Swartz

SAN FRANCISCO – The smart TV business and the advertising industry need to collaborate closely on technology, standards and transparency in order for marketing in this new ecosystem to take off. That’s the conclusion of Ashley Swartz in this commentary from the recent Smart TV and Multi-Screen Advertising Summit