SAN FRANCISCO — There’s a lot of hype right now around social TV and the “second screen” and how these trends are changing the face of television as we know it.  Mitch Oscar, Executive VP of Innovations at MPG, believes that this change may not be as immediate as some think.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco he told us, “Television will be as it is for the next twelve months.”

Oscar sees the major change as being the integration of more broadband video into television.  “They’ll be integrating more broadband video and selling it.”  As a result of that, paired with the growth of VOD, Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings, and other services he says, “I think they’ll just keep adding and adding a lot of third-party data.”

In the video interview, Oscar also discusses the lifeline of TV “upfronts,” how television will continue to be bought and sold in the future, and MPG’s Collaborative Alliance, a quarterly forum where content creators, distributers, researchers and technologists meet to navigate the future of the consumer-advertiser relationship.

Megan O’Neill