SAN FRANCISCO — As more and more consumers are adopting the multi-screen lifestyle and watching television content on connected TV platforms and devices, advertising needs are changing.  At the Smart TV and Multi-screen Advertising Summit in San Francisco Farhad Massoudi, Founder and CEO of adRise, spoke with us about this change and how his company plays into it.

adRise, Massoudi explains, "help[s] content owners build video on demand applications across the fragmented market of connected TV" and then helps these content owners monetize their inventory.  The company, which just closed their first round of funding, builds apps on Smart TVs, Roku, Google TV, tablet devices and other set top box devices.  Working in this field, Massoudi understands that a shift in TV advertising budget and format is on the horizon.

Massoudi says, "I do believe that we need more interactive video ad units on connected TV and I do see that that will be evolving in the near future.”  He adds, “At the same time, I think a lot of advertisers are going to shift some of their budget from pure video on the web and moving some of that to connected TV."

Megan O’Neill